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So you’re thinking about buying a home - congrats! The first step now is to ask yourself, “What do I want in a home? Do I need/want a newer home, larger home, closer location, smaller mortgage, or a better school?" Spending time prioritizing your goals will help you better plan your home search and avoid falling in love with a beautiful kitchen or back yard that’s too far from work or costs more than you can afford. In the end, you’ll be better served and ultimately find the home you really love.



Ok. So maybe we’re a little biased in this regard, but take a peek at the rest of this list. There’s a lot to do and having a great REALTOR® in your corner can help educate you on the Charleston real estate market and areas or neighborhoods, find off-market listings, negotiate a good deal, handle the closing process and introduce you to quality service providers such as lenders, inspectors, contractors, and more. Of course, you want an agent who always puts your goals first - and that's exactly what you can expect from Kevin and his dedicated team. We invite you to learn more about what his past clients have shared from their experience working together with Kevin and get to know a little more about him!



Ugh. “How much do you want to spend?” is such an awkward question, but oh so important! When it comes to choosing a home you love, your financial situation can make or break your decision. Lots of factors can influence your budget, from the down payment to the monthly costs of owning a home. Take some time to crunch the numbers and come up with an amount you're comfortable spending. Need help? We're happy to assist! Here is a helpful Mortgage Calculator to get you started!



While it may seem early to get qualified for a home loan, experience tells us it's never too early! The world of home financing can be difficult to understand, I'm happy to be able to recommend a trusted local lender to help you learn the process. Sit down with your preferred lender and get a pre-approval letter to show you're financially ready to buy a new home. You'll stand out from the crowd when you start shopping for homes.



With over 2,000 neighborhoods in the Austin area, finding the right one may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. When deciding where to live, go back to your goals. If you want to live closer to work or within a certain school district, start checking out neighborhoods in the area. Your budget can also help you narrow down the contenders, as can advice from a trusted REALTOR® .



Now that you've got your finances straight and favorite neighborhoods picked out, it's time for the fun part- shopping for homes! Online is the best place to start and there are so many ways to find Charleston Homes for Sale on our site. Browse listings in your preferred neighborhood, city, or school district. Set up and save searches to receive alerts when new homes come on the market that meet your criteria. Use our advanced tools to further refine your search. 



You've fallen in love with Charleston homes online, but there's no substitute for seeing them in person. I would love to schedule tours of your favorite homes and meet with you and builders if new construction is of interest. Take your time at each stop and try to imagine living there. Don't forget to consider the neighborhood and surroundings, like major shopping centers and highways. This is your chance to experience potential communities and homes before you purchase!



You've chosen a home, so now it’s time to make it yours! The first step is to submit an offer to the seller. This is where a having strong, experienced REALTOR® is especially advantageous. I will do my absolute best to ensure your offer is clean and well considered, making it easy for a seller to accept. With your input, I will handle negotiations with the seller and make sure any additional paperwork is completed correctly. Once the seller accepts your offer, you are under contract and the countdown to owning your new home starts!



While your new home may seem perfect, there may be hidden problems. The trained eye of an inspector can reveal potential pitfalls before you purchase the home. An inspector will check the overall structure, appliances, HVAC - all the way down to faucets and fixtures. Your dedicated agent, Kevin Richter, will review the inspection results with you to decide if any repairs or negotiations are necessary before closing.



Closing is an exciting time since it marks the date your new home officially becomes yours! At your scheduled closing time, you will meet your REALTOR® and lender at the title company to sign a mountain of paperwork. Once your signature is on every page and the funds are received by the seller, the home is yours. Time to celebrate and start moving in!



As you’re settling into your new home, there are a few small tasks to handle, like changing your locks and your address. Also, be sure to file your homestead exemption! Complete this one time task in January of the new year, and save money on your property taxes year after year. Keep in touch with your REALTOR® for recommendations of service vendors and to get any additional questions answered. Kevin and his team are always happy to help!

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